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Abundant with an eventfully rich and intense past, the history of how CEIAL came to be is one that is deeply ingrained with compassion and morale from its beloved founder, Mr. M. M. Razik who was originally a copra trader by profession as he initially ventured out into the corporate arena under his trademark company ‘Taj Trading Co.’ all the way back in 1965.

During these early and very much humble beginnings, he was able to work amidst a limited scope as export operations were under constant curtailing and thereby took to opportunistically cater to the British Ceylon Corporation (BCC) which was a dominating market player for a wide array of consumer products at that time. Supplying coconut oil to the BCC and a narrower spectrum of the local market upon running and maintaining several leased oil mills, Mr. M. M. Razik’s consistent level of effort and perseverance gained him merit able positions as a president and director of the Sri Lanka Oil Millers Association and the Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka (CRI) respectively. Also, as he was great at multitasking and had an ingenious knack for being talented in several other traits, he was also a gemstone trader who possessed hands-on experience with Sri Lankan sapphires side by side.

As the aspect of export operations on a global scale were conveniently liberalized by 1979, CEIAL was hence born, and Mr. Razik was also now officially the owner of a number of oil mills that were situated in the Peliyagoda area, operating under the name of ‘Jaleel Mills’. The next few years presented great breakthroughs as exports of coconut oil in bulk flourished, mainly to Europe and the United States. With incoming orders bountifully increasing, the organization chartered a number of vessels in order to conveniently facilitate shipments. What’s more, CEIAL was exceptionally successful in dominating the market sector of coconut oil in Bangladesh with its exclusive ‘Khajuri Brand’ coconut oil, which then grew to become the most prominent competitor to the otherwise monopolistic BCC! As assignments grew further, more mills were brought under ownership and the business operations of CEIAL further expanded into a corporation that featured timely and efficacious work ethics, in conjunction to the finest of coconut oriented commodities. A desiccated coconut mill was also one of them (mill no. 140) that also produced the same purely for export on an international level.

With the lapse of time, several globally recognized certifications that ensure optimum quality and satisfaction were also obtained, such as BRC, ISO: 22000, USDA Organic, EU Organic, Vegan certification, HACCP, and GMP by Control Union accreditations. An array of other agro products such as spices, Coconut fiber, and allied products were also introduced by future generations who collaborated with CEIAL’s currently trending business functions, thereby presenting a more diversified range of export quality products for customers to choose from.

Who We Are

Colombo Export and Import Agencies (Pvt) Ltd (CEIAL), established in 1979, is a manufacturer and one of Sri Lanka’s oldest trading houses, CEIAL is a pioneer in the manufacturing, processing, and export of high quality coconut derivatives, coconut oils. The company utilizes the latest technology and the finest ingredients to ensure that its products are of the highest standards. The superiority of CEIAL products is guaranteed by numerous international certifications, product certifications including USDA organic, EU organic, and Vegan certification by the Vegan society. All products are manufactured and packed in BRC, ISO: 22000, HACCP, and GMP certified facilities.

With an ever-expanding global clientele and nearly four decades of excellence under its belt, CEIAL is renowned not only for its unique vision but also for its impeccable services and enduring partnerships with both its clients and suppliers. CEIAL is now a global market leader in authentic Sri Lankan agricultural products, such as coconut kernel based products, True Ceylon cinnamon, and all Sri Lankan spices, which is one of the island’s principal export products.

A third generation family-owned business, CEIAL has striven passionately over the years to provide its clients with the finest quality organic coconuts ethically sourced from among the best coconut farms in the world, Under the brand name, CEYLON NATURALS and authentic Sri Lankan spices such as the Ceylon Cinnamon under the brand name CEYLON ORGANIC SPICES.We at CEIAL aim to provide our customers not only with the highest grade coconut-based or spice products, but also with loyalty, consistency, and outstanding service. For us, this is not just business. It is a passion.

Our Vision

To be a global market leader in the entire range of authentic Sri Lankan agro products that we specialize in, from Extra Virgin Coconut oil and Coconut flour to spices

Our Mission

Implement the latest technology for manufacturing, processing and refining all our products along with utilizing ingredients of the finest quality and standard. Efficient customer service is also of essence; listening with a keen eye for detail along with prompt punctuality in terms of dispatching orders is what shall help us create a benchmark for a commendable reputation towards our workforce and organization.is also of essence; listening with a keen eye for detail along with prompt punctuality in terms of dispatching orders is what shall help us create a benchmark for a commendable reputation towards our workforce and organization.

As we're continuously seeking an opportunity to improve our level of service to whomsoever we are conscientiously acquainted with, we'd love to hear any feedback in relation to our business! For any suggestions, kindly feel free to get in touch with us.
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Colombo Export and Import Agencies (Pvt) Ltd (also known as CEIAL In short) has been renowned for being one of the oldest trading houses in all of Sri Lanka, diligently specializing in the manufacturing, processing and export functions of a variety of superior quality organic coconut derivatives, coconut oils and spices.

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