Bulk & Conventional

Bulk packaging

We at CEIAL provide flexible and bulk packaging facilities for wholesale clients. Over the years, we have worked with a variety of packaging and are open to any packaging that you require. Wholesale supplier of bulk organic coconut oil and bulk cinnamon sticks. wholesale cinnamon sticks and organic coconut oil at a great price.

Organic Coconut Oil BulkPackaging for Liquids – 200 L Barrels/ Drums – Brand new food grade hygienically packs organic and conventional oils and creams.

1000 L Totes – SpaceKraft totes that allow liquidation are palletized

Flexibags – for complete container loads we provide flexing solutions

Cartons – CEIAL offers very flexible contract packaging services for all syrups, liquids, powders, and granulates. Our retail and bulk packs are carbonized for the safety and freshness of the products.

Our in-house semi-automated packaging machinery, can fill or package up to 10,000 units a day and delivery turn-key solutions to all our clients and move beyond just contract packaging where we provide printed cartons and palletize them

A lot of our packaging materials are stocked in-house which decreases lead-time and ultimately time-to-market which is ever so important.

Conventional products

CEIAL offers all organic products in conventional forms, where the products are maintained and packed in separate warehouses and facilities that cater to utmost quality at below-market rates.

The complete range of coconut products, spice products, and essential oils is available in conventional form.

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