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CEIAL Private Label & Bulk


We at CEIAL provide flexible and bulk packaging facilities for Spices, Coconut products & essential oil wholesale clients. Over the years, we have worked with a variety of packaging and are open to any packaging that you require. Wholesale supplier of bulk organic coconut oil and bulk cinnamon sticks. wholesale cinnamon sticks and organic coconut oil at a great price. Create your own line of organic products using certified organic ingredients. A wide range of customers benefits from our Coconut Oil Private Label and Spice Private Label services. We specialize in private-label coconut oil.


Since 1979, we’ve been manufacturing and trading, and we’ve expanded and diversified our scope and services to meet the needs of our customers. We at CEIAL have noticed an increase in the demand for specific ingredients, packaging, and grades, and we are able to manufacture and meet those demands. Today, our private label solutions are sold in grocery stores and supermarkets of all sizes in over 50 countries across Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.


Private labeling is available on all of our retail packs and bulk. Minimum order quantities and frequency can be discussed with management for quotes, but very low volumes can be initiated to help a brand get started with us.


We can offer extremely low and competitive prices than other traders or suppliers for retail, existing brands, or larger volumes because we are manufacturers. Please contact us for more information, and we’ll be happy to assist you in bringing your brand to life!

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